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1.-The Great wall of China is more famous than Petra

2.-The temple of Artemis is more elegant than
the Great wall china

3.-The Colossus of Rhodes is smaller than the
Lighthouse of Alexandria

4.-Machu Pichu is more beautifulthan Petra

5.-The Roman Colosseum is bigger than
Cristo Redeemer

6.-The Lighthouse of Alexandria is bigger than
Christ the Redeemer

7.-The Taj Mahal is more famous than Chichen Itza

8.-Machu Pichu is smallerthan the
colossus of Rhodes

9.-The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is more amazing
than great wall of china

10.-The statue of Zeus at clympia is more beautiful
than Petra

1.-The statue of Zeus at Olympia is the most interesting

2.-The Temple ofArtemis is the most magic of the temples

3.-The Great wall China is the most famous of all china buildings

4.-The Hazing Gardens of Babylon is the most amazing in Europe

5.-The Rome Colosseum is the most beautiful in the world

6.-The Lighthouse of Alexandria is the most interesting
building of all Roman

7.-The temple of Artemis at (Ephesus) is not as hold as
the Pyramid ofChichen Itza

8.-The Taj Mahal is the most interesting tomb

9.-The Christ Redeemer is the biggest statue

10.-The statue of Zeus at Olympia is the most amazing
of the seven wonders of the ancient world

1.-Can we play soccer in the park in the morning
2.-Can we play volleyball
3.-Can we climb the mountain
4.-Can we cycling
5.-Can wetouch the tambourine
1.-We can`t swim in the pool
2.-We can`t ski in the snow
3.-We can`t touch the drums
4.-We can`t box
5.-We can`t sing in choir
1.-Can we play soccer in the park?
R=Yes, we can

2.-Can we ski in the snow?
R=No, we can`t

3.-Can we climb in the mountain?
R=Yes we can

4.-Can we box?
R=No, we can`t

5.-can we touch the tambourine?R=Yes, we can

1.-You could learn at 5 years old
2.-He could write very fast and very beautiful
3.-We could learn to read at six years old
4.-She could learn to talk in public
5.-We could have the open mind
1.-I couldn’t` think easily
2.-She couldn`t multiply quick
3.-He couldn`t talk public
4.-We couldn`t learn to memorize the topics5.-We couldn`t do many friends
1.-Could he write very fast?
R=Yes, he could

2.-Could we have open mind?
R=Yes, we could

3.-Could she multiply quicky?
R=No. we couldn`t

4.-Could we do many friends?
R=Yes we could

5.-Could we learn to read at six years old?
R=No, we couldn`t

1.-You should clean your teeth every day
2.-He should coverwell himself. It`s quite cold
3.-I should drink vitamins for not getting sick
4.-We should take a shower twice a day
5.-They should eat healthier
1.-You shouldn`t take medicine without permission of a doctor
2.-We shouldn`t out at night without cover
3.-He shouldn`t run every days when he feels bad
4.-She shouldn`t dry her self whit hat a towel
5.-they shouldn`t go toschool in the morning with out having break fast
1.-Should you eat healthier?
R=Yes, I should

2.-Should you go out in the nigh whit out cover?
R=No, I shouldn`t

3.-Should you clean your teeth?
R=Yes, I shouldn’t

4.-Should we take medicine without permission?
R=No, we shouldn’t

5.-she should run every day when she feels bad?
R=No, he shouldn’t

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