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Personal information:
*name: ana lucia damiàn canchari.
*age: 16
*live: santa anita
*nº people:5 persons( my dad, my mom, one sister, twobrothersand me)
my dad: sailor in the marina de guerra del peru
my mom: teacher for a kinder garden
* adjetives:
(tomas)my dad: is a nice man what lovehis family.
(ana maria)my mom: is very responsible.
(ariana)my sister: is really good fun
(joshua)my brother: is annoy
(luciano)my brother: is very quiet

3. rutine:
first,i wake up at 7 o clock in the morning and take a shower.then, I get dressed and have breakfast. After, I always leave my house at 8 o clock .
then, I studyenglishin the usil university .in the afternoon,I go back home and have lunch with my family. Then, I watch animes in the television.later, I send messenger for myfriends.and, go to the park with my dog. In the evening, I do my homework and finally I go to bed at 10 o clock.
II. interress:
*my favourite movie is luna nueva
*myfavourite pop band is the jonas brothers.
* my best friends are astrid and yasmin.
*my favourite weather is the winter.
*my favourite position is my family,because their learn me the value for live the life enjoy the good moments and what the unity and the love is a basis for form a family.
III. Hobbies:
*I lovewrite short stories or poems.
*I like read big books.
*I enjoy listen my favourite music (pop, rock).
*I don’t like go roller-skating.
*I hate run a long time.
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