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City five

In the tourist zones the mountains and the river, where tourist and people of the same island visit those parts the week ends. People of the island do camping close of thermalwaters. Also it is necessary to take in story great desert that attracts many tourists.

In the city there is a seat in where many families go is restaurant in where this also cooks very rich themost famous university of the city and the school staid baseball more recognized, and the hospital where it is received the patients very well.

in the industrial zone there are many employeesand also they have a good security work the 24 hours to the day, the industry this closely together of the beach and also she serves like tourists center.

|And in the northwest we can find of alot tourist sites like the |
|church, that this to the front of the bank, this bookstore where many |
|tourists of the world are going to visit and finally the commercial |
|centerof super City five. |
|Top of Form |
| |
| |
|Geography: The area ofthe capital is 55 km quadrates. |
| |
|Government: his president is elected for five year, in a democracy|
|city. |
|His actual president is |
|Economic: The principal activity is fisher and tourist and produce |
|salt. |
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