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Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Escuela Preparatoria No.15 Unidad

4th Semester Self Assessment Unit 2
(Students’ book Module 2 Experiences-Upload 4)

Student’s name: _______________________Group: __________Date: ______
Teacher’s name: _________________________________________________
We use the present perfect for:
* Actionswhich started in the past and continue to the present.
* Life experiences.
* Actions that happened in the past and we can see their results in the present.
* We use the word ever in presentperfect questions.
* Grammatical structure: have/has + main verb in past participle.

I. - Complete the following sentences using the Present Perfect in affirmative, negative, questions orshort answers as you need.

1. I ____________________ (write) a book.
2. My sister __________________ (do) the homework.
3. ______Carlos and Anne ________________ (not/try) Japanese food yet?.
4.They ________________ (not/go) to the beach.
5. ________my friends _________________ (ever/ride) a horse?
Yes, They _________.

* We use already in affirmative sentences to say that somethinghappened sooner than expected.
* We use yet in negative sentences of questions to show that we expect something to happen.
* We use since to say when something began.
* We use for to sayhow long something has lasted.

II. – Underline the correct answer.

1. Karla hasn’t been to Canada for / since March.

2. I cannot wait to go but my boyfriend hasn’t arrived already/yet.3. We haven’t made the phone call yet / already.

4. I have lived there for / since 10 years.

5. My friends have yet / already booked their flight.

* We use present perfect for actionsthat started in the past and continue to the present.
* We use simple past for actions that were completed in the past at a specific time.

III. – Chose the correct answer using simple past...
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