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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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What can we do to improve this “Green Area” In Cancún?

To: Municipal Government
From: Michelle Casanova, Carlos Costa, Adolfo Fabian, Valeria Gomez and Raymundo Ibañez
Date: June 14, 2012Subject: A proposal to create the first sustainable green habitable areas in Cancún.
We write this letter to propose a solution to a recurring problem at Copan Street, Sm. 39, Mza. 1, Cancún, QuintanaRoo.
The problem is that green areas in our city have been forgotten, and one of the most remarkable areas is the one located right behind City Club. People are constantly throwing debris in this greenarea, using it as a bathroom disposal and making it look terrible for the people around the neighborhood.
We suggest investing money in these green areas to create sustainable places, full ofHarmony and learning for residents. With this, forget the crime that is generated in these places that might be of social integration.

Those green areas are often hidden from the main avenues. Isunderstandable that you don’t know them, but we, do, and we are asking you for support.

There are over one hundred families affected by this cause, this site binds two sectors, and pedestrians tend tosurround the mall for fear of crossing this area. In addition it takes them too long and it has a terrible urban image.
In addition, this zone lacks parks and green areas for residents, so the studyarea whose address was mentioned at the beginning, could be an opportunity to have a nice space.
We propose a sustainable park, created from recycled materials; it would be very inexpensive comparedto a common park. This will make residents aware of the need for sustainable architecture in our city.
This park will be built with recycled materials such as plastic bottles, car tires, soda cans,and objects that bring the neighbors in order to transform.
The construction cost would be $ 2754.00 pesos considering that only need to keep the area clean of weeds. This requires heavy machinery....
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