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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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my hero my heroes would be the right word because there are only a thousand and they are soldiers, only with that word and it is clear that you are peoplewho give everything for us people who fight for us gives us the word has to understand that are strong people, brave with nothing to fear only have one goalin mind to protect us and protect themselves they are people who are serving in the military or military wings of any sovereign country, receiving trainingand equipment to defend the country and their interests within the army groups are divided generally into bodies of soldiers or weapons of differentdenominations, such as infantry, marines, artillery, cavalry, etc). military service has traditionally been mandatory for men. In ancient Greece, Sparta was aclear example of militarized society as free men received vigorous training from childhood and his life was committed to the military. The Roman army was oneof the first frame permanente.En professional soldiers so Israel, military service is compulsory for both sexos.En times of the Roman Republic and prior tothe time of Gaius Marius, family customs regarding children who would one day be soldiers were:

At age 17, the father gave his son a coat of mail, ahelmet, a sword, a dagger and some spurs.
The mother gave the caligae, the sleeve for the shield, the haversack, a tuft of mane and sagum or military cloak.The sisters, if any, are woven socks and concocted six or seven coats.
These gifts were for life and, if kept in good condition, were part of the inheritance.
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