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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Three brother 
Once there was a man, who had three sons. When he became old, he said to his sons: "Go to take a look at the world. Make your own way and try to seek your fortune. I taught you asmuch as I could do, but I cannot educate you in all you need to know as to be lucky in this life. You’ll learn many things by your own experiences, but now and then remember your old father. I love eachof you in an equal manner". The sons took heed of their father’s demand. They packed their rucksacks, laced their boots, and cut a walking stick from the hazel tree. Before setting out on their travelthey promised their father to stand always by each other. So they left for their trip round the world when they reached the crossroads, they studied the signs. The way to find their fortune wasn’trecorded. They discussed in detail. Since they didn’t come to terms on the suitable direction, they each went their own way. But before, they promised that whichever one of them should find his fortunefirst, would send a message to the other brothers. The three brothers scoured the world for many years. Their travels took them to many lands and they put much distance between each other. The rainoften drenched their clothes and the wind dried them again. They ate mushrooms and berries and drank from the streams that they found on their way. Sometimes they were invited for a meal. Then they wereasked to speak of their adventures since leaving home. On this occasion they also told of their father, who had sent them in search of fortune. However, over the years their father’s image becamedistorted in their minds, all his weak points faded from their thoughts, whilst his virtues were magnified in their eyes. When he had chastised them, they accepted that he had been justified. So theywere reminiscent only of his goodness. The customs of the people they met differed very much. In the course of time they observed the local behaviours, otherwise the respective audiences wouldn’t have...
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