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INU 211 Blackboard Name: Javiera Belenguer

1.-Describe yourself (6 points)

I am very tall, I have long straight blond hair, I have green eyes. I have twentypiercing and four tattoos in my body. I am a very pretty and intelligent woman.

2.-Describe your best friend (6 points)

He is pretty tall, he has short curly blackhair, he has brown eyes and has a beautiful smile, he is very handsome and his style is very cool. He is a crazy boy and extremely funny.

3.-Look at the picture bellow and answer the followingquestions (2 points each)

Who is Bart? Bart is the one playing with the dog, in red T-shirt and next to the river.

Which one is Lisa? Lisa is the short girl cutting flowers, in the orange dressnext to Marge and Homer.

Who is Maggie? Maggie is the baby in the basket that holds in his hands of Marge.

Which one is Marge? Marge is the pretty tall woman in green dress, next to homer. She isvery slim woman.

Who are the Simpsons? The Simpsons is a fun family cartoon.

4.-Use the verbs in the chart and describe 4 things you have done and 4 things you haven’t done. Present Perfect. (2points each)
have / see / go / eat /
try / call / ride / make

1. I have gone to brazil in 2005.
2. I have called my mother in the afternoon
3. I have tried sleep in the afternoon,but I have not been successful
4. I have had a amazing bicycle this year
5. I haven’t seen a polar bear
6. I haven’t eaten frog’s legs
7. I haven’t made a party
8. I haven’t ridden in a horsethis year

5.-Create a description about a foreign country. Use adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions, can and should. (8 points)

I think Cauquenes is small and relaxing in the days of the year,but in the summer is extremely bohemian and crazy city.
You can visit the “Tequila Pubs”, but you should go to swim in the river and you should see the different animals around the city as chickens,...
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