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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Jorge: welcome to ICE's customer service
For utility payments, dial 1
For duplicate receipts, dial 2
New product information, dial 3
To speak with our agents, dial 4To report breakdowns, dial 5
Wait in line while one of our agents attends you.
Jaz: hello good morning, my name is Jazmin, with whom I have the pleasure?Caro: hi! My name is Carolina.
Jaz: what is your telephone number?
Caro: 24582428
Jaz: tell me, what is your problem?
Caro: the internet doesn't work.
Jaz: could youcheck if the patch cord is connected in the RJ45 port?
Caro: yes, it is ok
Jaz: the light is on?
Caro: yes!
Jaz: well, I will communicate you with the technician level 2.Jorge: please, wait a minute, while one of our agents attends you.
Jean: hello, my name is Jean Paul, how I can help you?
Caro: hi sir, the internet doesn't work,i checked the patch cord, and it is ok.
Jean: ok, which gives the browser bug when you try connected?
Caro: it says that could be a DNS error.
Jean: well, turn offthe modem during 15 seconds and then turn on again.
Caro: ready, but it stills same.
Jean: ok, we are going to send an agent at your home.
Caro: ok thank you.
...Abraham: hellooooo!
Caro: Honey, go to see the problem with the agents.
Tony: ok!
Tony: hello! I’m tired with this problem, my wife checks the Facebook the all day, andwhen i need it, it doesn't work.
Abraham: Excuse me sir, I’m going to repaired it.
Tony: ok! Hurry up!
Abraham: I’m going to reset the modem and ready. That’s all.Tony: thank you very much, now I’m going to try to finish my work!
Abraham: was a pleasure, sir.
Tony: have a nice day!
Abraham: you too, nice to meet you!
Tony: bye
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