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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Costa Rica, Magic of Nature
Tropical Paradise

Costa Rica is one of the few developing countries that implement economic modernization and transformation of the state as part of a mature democracy, stable and durable.
The economy calls for reforms, but its political system favors a gradual approach and negotiated based on the active participation of citizens. Moreover, in recent decades,Costa Rica achieved appreciable levels in health, education, housing, health and poverty reduction.
Although still a predominantly agricultural country, has achieved a relatively high standard of living. The land ownership is widespread and tourism is a rapidly expanding industry.

Costa Rica is a very small but cozy (51,000 square km / 31.875 miles square) located between 8 and11 degrees north latitude, in the narrowest part of the isthmus that connects North and South America. Costa Rica is between Nicaragua and Panama, the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Costa Rica is located in the inter-tropical region and therefore enjoys a spring climate all year round. It has two seasons: Season Dorada, between December and April and Green season between May andNovember. The average temperature in the Central Valley is 72 ° F (22 ° C) and near the coast is about 70 ° to 90 ° F (21 ° to 32 ° C.)

 The abundance of microclimates has originated more than 14 ecosystems, according to the scale of Holdridge, and generated flora and fauna (5.4% of plant species and animals on the planet) that are among the richest in the world. A wide variety of flora and fauna,beautiful landscapes and ever-changing climate will appeal to travelers in this country of eternal spring.
In recent years Costa Rica has specialized in attracting high technology companies intensive in human capital as a result, many major companies have settled here: Dole, Firestone, Baxter and the most successful case, Intel. There are also business centers such as Procter and Gamble WesternUnion, Hewlett Packard, Sykes.

Before you begin the process of restructuring in the early 80s, the Costa Rican economy depended basically on a few export products: bananas, coffee, sugar and meat, which now represent only 12.5% of total exports.
 Currently, Costa Rica has a diversified export supply where non-traditional products represent 87% of total exports. There are more than 1,700exporting companies that sell over 3,500 products in 132 markets.
 The non-traditional agricultural exports have shown a rapid development over the past decade, including: the palm, orange, root crops (cassava, yams, tiquizque and taro), ginger, pineapple, ornamental plants.
Historically, coffee was the main crop, and Costa Rica continues to produce some of the finest coffee and higher quality in theworld. Bananas continue to be one of the most important export products given in huge plantations in the Caribbean plains.
 Tourism has generated more than any other product for export and tourism industry continues to grow and generate employment opportunities and encouraging the conservation of biodiversity complex. We could say that the economy of Costa Rica, basically stable, depends ontourism, agriculture and industry (textile, paper, electrical / electronic, metalworking, plastics, and food).
 Costa Rica's army was abolished in 1948, and the money the country saves having no armed forces is reversed by improving the standard of living, which has fostered the social harmony that makes the country an attractive destination.
In the early 80s, Costa Rica began a process ofexport promotion, insertion in international markets, state reform and elimination of distortions that were preventing our country to compete with the rest of the world, that as part of a set of initiatives that gave rise to new development model whose main objective was the country's integration into the international economy.
In Costa Rica, public education is free. His government has...
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