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Fertilizer and nutrients
Industry profile:
Agriculture the backbone of Indian Economy still holds its relative importance for more than a billion people. The government of India from time to time has taken considerable steps for the upliftment of agriculture sector.
Fertilizer sector is very crucial of Indian economy because it provides a very important input to agriculture.
Company Profile.The foundation stone waslayed in Jan 2006. The project took almost 11 months to see its completion. The plant was ready for operation by December 2006.
Someshwara fertlizers limited ,with a turnover of Rs 30 crores is the manufacturer of chemical fertilizer in the state of Karnataka . the factory is strategically located in mandya.
The operation are managed by a team of highlyqualified and experienced professionals with a capital investament of over 8 crores.
Products profile:
The main products are:
Ammonia – only for captive consumption an intermediate for the manufacture of Urea.
Urea: a nitrogenous fertilizer, suitable for most crops and soil conditions. Offered in prill from , is free flowing, easy to apply and completely soluble in water.
A phosphatic and nitrogenous complex fertilizer , black in colour and granular in form . it is free flowing , soluble in water, suitable for most crops and soil conditions, used for initial application.
Products produced :
Complex fertilizer: the most popular products , offered in granular form, suitable for a range of crops.
Granulated fertilizer.: supplies three major plantnutrients, namely nitrogen phosphorous and potassium, in a single application in the ratio of 1:1:1 granular, free flowing , soluble in water suitable for specific crops

Vision : to supply the farmer with a range of unique product combined with scientif know-how to maximize crop yield.
Mission: to be expert in integrate crop nutrients management feed the plan and also nuourish soil.

Sfl extends it operation in the ares extensible.
Mcf fertilizer ,msr fertilizer, multimin fertilizers.
Swot analysis

Plant is located in a strategic location which enjoys monopoly. Flow of good and rae materials is delivered faster on time . good quality and development focus.
As the have good brand image they can enter agrofield as well . by giving at a lesser pric they can capture more market share than other competitiors.
New entrants . slight variance in the n: p: k: can be effect to the crap
Company should concentrate on logistics to deliver the goods faster because if some time the delivery is not properly the product can be rejected.
Company should give some reasonable price.Company should appoint sales executives to market land explain the benefits by selling the products
Company should meet regularly the distributors to known how the sales is happening.
New: Liquid Fertilizers
Ferm O Feed launches TOPMIX LIQUID FERTILIZERS and expands production. The recent expansion of production capacity for organic fertilizers by the Dutch company Ferm O Feed is driven bythe growing demand for organic fertilizers worldwide. Yearly more than 45,000 tonnes of solid organic fertilizers are produced in the company’s facilities with a unique and fully automated process. The correct pellet size makes the fertilizers ideal for use with fertilizer spreaders or manual application.
In the same recent announcement, Ferm O Feed launched a new product on the market, namelyTOPMIX LIQ. TOPMIX LIQ line are 4 liquid fertilizers ideal for vegetables, fruit, tree nursery. These liquid products will target the hobby market as well. The company is now seeking distributors in the various geographical markets.
Ferm O Feed, part of Den Ouden Group, is a producer of a large diversity of organic fertilizers in the Netherlands. The family owned company with approx 180...
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