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What’s you name. My name is elvis
What’s you last name. Albert
How old are you. In 17 years old
One is your burn day. My birthday is four November.
Where are you from? I from Mexico
What city and you from. I from city Acapulco
What is nationality? Mexican.
What city do you live in? I living in Tijuana
What’s you address. I address lobos.
Do you have phone. Yes, I do
What istelephone number? My telephone number is 6644996214
Do you driver’s license. No
What’s school do you go too? My school is preparatory altamirano.
Choose the correct item.
1. They aren’t playing basketball right now.
2. Sally usually walks to work.
3. The children always to bed at 8 in the evening.
4. Are you doing you homework at the moment.
5. Can I have some tea plase.6. Bill works from to 6 every day.
7. How usually dou you go to the cinema.
8. Tom doesn’t like whachint tv.
9. Helen wears her new coat today.
10. The sun shines in the summer.
11. Jim is cooking dinner some times.
12. Who is your best friends.
1. Answer
2. Ask
3. Borrow
4. Call
5. Cried
6. Cook
7. Check
8. Correct
9. Dance10. Dress
1. Rest
2. Separate
3. Shove
4. Sod
5. Scold
6. Substitute
7. Submerge
8. Submit
9. Rip
10. Row

1. I have ten flowers to greater to my friends.
2. My book is to javi.
3. I like coffee
4. Shelly is my best friends.
5. My mom is cook
6. I never for will video games.
7. I don’t like pizza
8. I likepizza
9. I like cookie.
10. My car is my friends
11. My house is big
12. My room is big
13. I like pizza
14. My car is blue
15. I can’t welled valentine days
16. I like two color my nine
17. I like apple juice.
18. I love is cristiano ronaldo
19. I love is Tijuana
20. I like pary
21. My cel is color black and blue
22. I like pizza
23. Ilike pink
24. I love plays
25. My room is big
26. I like pizza
27. My car is blue
28. I can’t welled valentine days
29. I like two color my nine
30. I like apple juice.
31. I love is cristiano Ronald
32. I love is Tijuana
33. I like parry
34. My cell is color black and blue
35. I like pizza
36. I like pink
37. I love plays
38. I playsoccer

1. I run in the park
2. I ran in the park
1. He writes in the diary.
2. He wrote in the diary
1. I stele a smile
2. I stole a smile
1. My mom car is wet
2. My man car is wet
1. I win in the car
2. I won in the car
1. I win in the car
2. I won in the car
1. I sweep my house
2. I swept my house.
1. I lose my money
2. I lostmy money
1. I read a book
2. I read a book
1. I draw a cat
2. I drew a cat
1. I go to the car
2. I gents to the car.
1. I fly in the plane
2. I flew in the plane
1. I lead in the plice
2. I led in the police.

La mayoría de los sustantivos forman su plural poniendo s.
Comienzan con s o doble ss. o x formando ex. Sustantivos que terminan en y forman suplural agregando s. sustantivos que terminan en consonante mas y quitamos y por i latina y terminación es.

I am aproving the exam. I was approves the exam
You are abusing my book. You wer abusing my book
He is boiling the water. He was boiling the water
She is caring in the house. She was caring in the house
It is playing the video games. It was playing the video games
We arecleaning the room. We were cleaning the room.
You are composing in the car. You were composing in the car
They are celebrating my happy birthday. They were celebrating my happy birthday.
You are abusing you friends. You was abusing you friends.
I am acting in the movie. I was acting in the movie.
She is appealing he people. She was appealing the people.
We are announcing the new channel. We...
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