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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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first of all , I need to say thanks for all of the thing that my school give me and it is so important because I live there and I shared with my teachers and my friends. and thanks for give methe opportunity to know and learn for each one because i will use all of the things in my life .
I arrived to the school in 3th grade I remember that my firs teacher was miss Angelita , she isgood teacher in the 4th grade I remember that my teacher was miss Nacira she is amazing teacher because she used to do good activities . in 5th grade my teacher was Jannet , she is so sweet and Iremember to in a one case I broke my toe and she cared me , in 6th grade my teacher war fernando , he is amazing because in this moment he realized activities for broke the routine and forthis reason the 6th grade was a good year . in 7th grade my teacher was Soraida she is a good teacher and I remember that she said in bimestral ´´ I don´t wish you luck because the luck is for themediocre ´´ and this words are true . those are my teachers that I remember and learned in my childhood
I lived important avedventures that marked my live , for example when I was in 5th grade , Itraveled to Tocaima and this is my first travel with my friends ,in this travel we went hot springs , and the pool , and this is awesome I like very very much this travel other travel that marketmy live in the school was in the camp because in this place y shared with my prom and did incredible things like a boating and this was a new experience .
for this and more thing , I am reallygrateful because this people teach me the knowledge that they have and transmit the values , is important to mention someone that I remember for all of my life her name is Franky Caro because he ismy second father and I really say thanks because he is teaching me the form and the best way for me to would be a good person and fight for my dreams , he is a good person and I think that god is...