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1-fill in the verbs in the correct form: remove, bite, gain complain, sink, adopt, explore, patrol, increase, drip.
1-Don’t let the faucet Drip you waste water.
2-Police officers Patrol thestreets.
3- If the world population Increase too much, there won't be enough food.
4-When you throw a stone in the water, it Sink. .
5-It isn’t polite to Bite your nails in public.6-When you eat a lot of fast food, you Gain weight.
7- My grandma Complain of headaches.
8-If you Remove the water from an apple, it weighs 80% les.
9-Adopts an animal and help it survive.10-Astronauts Explores parts of space.
2-Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense.
1-Astronauts Will Work (work) very hard.
2- My dad Will Helping (help) my sister now.
3- Unless we(go) now, we’ll miss the buss.
4- If it snows, we Going to (go) skiing.
5- What (John/do) tonight?.
6- Ice (melt) if it getswarm.
7- If you (eat) too much fruit, you’ll be sick.
8- I promise I (clean up) later.
9- Don’t(touch) that. It’s hot.
10- You (not/need) a telescope.
4- Fill in: You won’t believe this, is that true? I feel terrible , It sure is.
A: it’s very hat hottoday, isn’t it?
B: 1) I feel terrible.
A: 2) It sure is.
B: What’s wrong?
A: 3) You won’t believe this.
This decade is the hottest in 400 yeas
B: 4) Is that true?
A: Yeah. It’s in the newstoday.
I hope you are well I’m going on vacation tomorrow and then I am going to work for the rest of the summer I’m starting classes at university in August and I really can’t wait . I’m going tostudy biology and environmental science and I’m sure that one day I’ll work as an environmentalist . I hope I’ll be able to do something important to help the environment. Of course I hope I’ll travel...
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