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| Your top three intelligences: Intelligence | Score (5.0 is highest) | Description |
| 4.43 | Musical: You like the rhythm and sound of language. You like poems, songs, andjingles. You enjoy humming or singing along with music. You probably remember things well when they are associated with music or rhythm. Try to incorporate sounds into your lessons, such as using afamiliar tune, song, or rap beat to teach spelling rules, or to remember words in a series for a test. Here are some other ways to use your musical intelligence: * Create a poem with an emphasis oncertain sounds for pronunciation.  * Clap out or walk out the sounds of syllables.  * Read together (choral reading) to work on fluency and intonation. * Read a story with great emotion — sad, thenhappy, then angry. Talk about what changes — is it only tone?  * Work with words that sound like what they mean (onomatopoeia). For example: sizzle, cuckoo, smash.  * Read lyrics to music.  *Use music as background while reviewing and for helping to remember new material.  * Use rhymes to remember spelling rules, i.e., "I before E except after C." |
| 4.43 | Social: You like todevelop ideas and learn from other people. You like to talk. You have good social skills. Effective techniques of enhancing your learning using your social intelligence include taking part in groupdiscussions or discussing a topic one-to-one with another person. Find ways to build reading and writing exercises into your group activities, such as: * Reading a dialogue or a play with other people* Doing team learning/investigating projects * Setting up interview questions and interviewing your family, and writing down the interview * Writing notes to another instead of talking. |
|| 4.14 | Body Movement: You like to move, dance, wiggle, walk, and swim. You are likely good at sports, and you have good fine motor skills. You may enjoy taking things apart and putting them back...
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