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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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* Every afternoon, to the exit of the school, the children will play to the Giant's garden
* It was a wide and beautiful garden
* the children were very happy in thegarden
* But one day the Giant returned a house. He had gone of visit where their friend the Ogre of Cornish
* The giant had stayed with his friend during the lastseven years
* When arriving the giant, the first thing that saw went to the children playing in the garden.
* What do they make here? - The giant ask with hisresonant voice.
* The children escaped running
* immediately he built a tall wall around the garden and placed a notice: no trespassing violators will be prosecuted by law* When the spring it returned, the whole country was populated of birds and flowers
* But in the Selfish Giant's garden it still remained the winter.
* Idon't understand why the spring takes a long time for arriving here -said the Selfish Giant
* But the spring it never arrived, neither the summer.
* The Giant's gardenwas forever in winter,
* How good! It seems that finally it arrived the spring - the Giant said
* And he jumped of the bed to run to the window.
* For abreach of the wall the children had entered
* The children played in the garden
* From now on the garden will be for you, my children - the Giant said, and taking anenormous axe, I knock down the wall.
* Every afternoon when leaving the school the children they will play with the Giant.
* They were the years happening, and theGiant became old and his forces weakened.
* The children arrived one afternoon and they found the dead Giant under the tree. He seemed to sleep, whole covered with white flowers.
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