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A condo sales agent is meeting with a family of three. These are first-time buyers who are shopping for a condo. They are at the sales office located nextto the site of the future condo tower. Construction has not begun but a large billboard sign outside the sales office proclaims “over 80% sold - starting at $195,000”. The four people sit down fortheir meeting inside the fashionably decorated office.


1) Real estate professional
This successful sales-person is in the business of selling condos and knows the condo market in Torontovery well. This person uses age-old tricks of the trade; during the meeting he repeatedly tells his clients that:
• the project will be finished on time, it can’t possibly be delayed, thisdeveloper has a good track record for meeting the move-in date deadline.
• the residential units have nearly sold out. In fact only 3 units are left and they will probably be sold this weekend.
•This is a very popular area with young couples.
• There is no reason to be worried about the nearby cement factory (“it’s a modern factory”), the railroad (“those trains are quiet”) and the odourfrom the meat packing plant (“it will close down in a few years”)

2) Husband
He does most of the talking and is easily influenced by the sales pitch. He is attracted to the area because the GOtrain station is close by. He asks questions about the size of the condo, parking space, the gym, the type of people buying and other features of the development. His only concern is the cement factorylocated across from the railway.
Characteristic habits: he often rubs his chin, scratches his ears, and leans forward.
He often says, “That sounds great”.

3) Wife
She is a shrewd shopper. Sheinterrupts the conversation to ask questions that reveal her distrust of the sales-person. She asks about access to schools, and about the noise from the trains nearby. She wonders if this is good...
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