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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Slide # 1: anime it’s a style of animation created in japan, it’s a product of commercial and cultural entertainment.
Slide # 2: animehas made ​​a big impact on young people and adults, they have created something call it “cosplay”.
Slide # 3: this it’s about people who dress upas their favorite characters of their favorite series of anime
Slide # 4: they compete for who has the best costume at anime conventions
Slide#5: there are different types of anime and I’m going to tell you some of them
Slide #6: the first one I’m going to show is
Slide #7: shojoSlide #8: shojo it’s a anime mostly for girls, but everyone can watch it , you can find some comedy and romance
Slide#9: the second one I’m goingto show is
Slide#10: kodomo
Slide#11: it’s an anime for kids
Slide #12: the third one it’s josei
Slide#13: josei is directed to theteenagers you can find tragedy comedian and off course romance
Slide#14: the fourth one it’s shonen
Slide#15: shonen are anime where you can findfight and action an explame for these it’s an anime that everybody knows dragon ball
Slide#16: the fifth it’s Mecha
Slide#17: it’s about robotsor machines
Slide#18: this anime it’s not for kids , it’s call Gore
Slide#19: Gore are the animes with a lot of blood and deaths, the violenceit’s the main theme

Slide#20: this anime it’s call magical girlfriend and it’s about a relationship between a human being and an alien