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Ejercicios unidad 3-4

Excercise 30
Arise Fall meet shine
Be feed pay take
Beat feel put teach
Become fight quit tear
Begin find read tell
Bite fly relay think
Blowforget ride throw
Break forgive ride wake
Bring get run wear
Build give see win
Buy go say write
Cast grow sell swim
Catch have send
Choose hear shake
Come hold speakCost inlay shoot
Cut know sing
Dig learn sit
Do leave sleep
Draw lend spell
Drink lose spend
Drive make stand
Eat mean sweep

Exercise 32
Write the correct form of theirregular verb in simple past tense. Then translate.
Example: He __________ (to drink) the coffee. He drank (to drink) the coffee.

1) The moon __________ (to come) out late last night.
2) Jessica__________ (to lose) her first tooth this morning.
3) My family __________ (to catch) the flu last winter.
4) The employees __________ (to do) a lot of work today.
5) The swimmers __________ (to hold)their breath and jumped in the water.
6) The baker __________ (to make) a cake for my birthday.
7) They __________ (to take) a picture of the mountain.
8) The teacher __________ (to teach) thestudents chemistry last year.
9) I __________ (to wear) my jacket to work yesterday.
10) We __________ (to go) to the zoo last weekend.
10) Tom __________ (to write) his family a letter.
12) I__________ (to see) a movie last night.
Modal verbs
Exercises 35
I can ride a horse
We can stay with my brother when we are in Paris.
I can do that for you.
You could see a movie or go out to dinner.Extreme rain could cause the river to flood the city.
Could you open the door dear?
I may go to the park, or stay home.
May I see your driver’s license?
May I use your bathroom?
Exercise 36
Thismight be a bad idea.
It might rain tonight.
If he were an actor, he would be in adventure movies.
I would like white wine with my fish.
Tom would drive, but he doesn’t have a license.
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