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Choose the correct completion:
1) (large) Sarah's house is ____ than Shannon's house.
a) large b) more larger c) larger d) more large
2)(sad) Today I was ____ than I was yesterday.
a) sad b) sadder c) more sad d) more sadder
3) (old) Germany is an ____ country than the UnitedStates.
a) more older b) more old c) old d) older
4) (tall) Jack is much _____ than his sister, Jennifer.
a) tall b) tallerc) more tall d) more taller
5) (wet) The grass is _____ than the sidewalk.
a) more wetter b) more wet c) wetter d) wet6) (smart) Jason is ____ in math than his brother.
a) smarter b) more smart c) more smarter d) smart
7) (cute) I think kittens are ____ than puppies.
a)more cuter b) more cute c) cute d) cuter
6) (young) My sister Elaine is ____ than my brother Fred.
a) more younger b) more young c) youngerd) young
7) Monkeys and chimpanzees are _____ than birds. (big)
a) biger b) bigger c) more big d) more bigger
8) My cat Neko is _____than my other cat, Sebastian. (soft)
a) soft b) softer c) more soft d) more softer

Complete the gap to get a complete sentence.
1. AVolkswagen costs € 20,000.00. A Volvo cost € 20,000.00.
A Volvo is ______________________ (expensive) a Volkswagen.
2. Susan is 180 cm tall. Catherine is 180 cm tall.
Susan is _________________(tall) Catherine.
3. Mr. Hank is 86 years old. Mr. Wilson is 87 years old.
Mr. Wilson is ____________________(old) Mr. Hank.
4. The green dress costs € 70.00. The pink dress costs € 70.00.