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Grammar – Quiz 1

I. Choose the correct answer (a, b OR c)

1. We’ve only got _____ umbrella, but my sister has got three.
a) an
b) one
c) a

2. Teresa is always _____ hour late.
a) one
b) an
c) a

3. _____ are too big.
a) The school’swindows
b) The windows of the school
c) The school of the windows

4. My _____ wife works part-time in the afternoons.
a) friend’s
b) friends’
c) friends’s

5. _____ are expensive.
a) Mens’ coats
b) Men’s coats
c) Coats men

6. There’s _____ good restaurant on Montevideo Avenue.
a) one
b) a
c) the

7. _____ restaurant onMontevideo Avenue is good.
a) The
b) A
c) One

8. _____ I get at work isn’t enough for me.
a) The money
b) Money
c) A money

9. There’s _____ coffee left. I’m really sorry.
a) no
b) any
c) some

10. I’ve got some pencils. Would you like _____?
a) any
b) some
c) some pencils

Grammar – Quiz 2

11. Are there _____ students inthe classroom?
a) some
b) any
c) no

12. That’s _____ money for me. I just need twenty pesos.
a) a lot of
b) too much
c) much

13. We’ve got a lot of paper clips, but only _____paper sheets.
a) a little
b) a few
c) much

14. There are _____ books on the desk.
a) much
b) many
c) a lot of

15. They haven’t got _____ chairs forthe party.
a) a few
b) enough
c) a lot of

16. _____ people sold their houses in the neighbourhood.
a) A lot of
b) Many
c) Much

17. Rebeca’s son isn’t from England. _____ from Canada.
a) He’s
b) She’s
c) They’re

18. Tania as well as _____ boss published a new magazine two years ago.
a) his
b) her
c) hers

19. _____apartment is on the third floor.
a) Their
b) Theirs
c) They’re

20. I want to live with her, not with _____.
a) him
b) his
c) he

Grammar – Quiz 3

21. Roberto’s brother is an actor. _____ is a dentist.
a) My
b) Mine
c) Her

22. This book is interesting and ____ is boring.
a) that
b) these
c) those

23. Those photographs aregood, but _____ are better.
a) these
b) that
c) this

24. Who are those people ______ over there?
a) the one
b) the ones
c) ones

25. I’m making a sandwich. Would you like _____?
a) a sandwich
b) ones
c) one

26. There’s _____ to sit here.
a) nothing
b) nowhere
c) anywhere

27. Can _____ help me?
a) anyone
b) somebodyc) nobody

28. _____ is calling you. I think it’s your mother.
a) Someone
b) Anybody
c) Nobody

29. Marcia and Hugo are happily married. I’m sure they love _____.
a) themselves
b) each other
c) by themselves

30. Paul always laughs at _____ on the mirror.
a) by himself
b) himself
c) him

Grammar – Quiz 4

31. She’sdaughter and Pilar’s _____ close friends at school.
a) is
b) are
c) was

32. _____ some people at the door. They’re policemen.
a) They’re
b) It’s
c) There are

33. _____ a car outside . It’s a police car.
a) There’s
b) It’s
c) Is it

34. Has your brother got a bike?
a) Yes, he has got.
b) Yes, he does.
c) Yes, he has.

35. She is_____ because of cancer.
a) dies
b) dying
c) dieying

36. I _____ what they said.
a) catch on
b) catched on
c) caught on

37. Nancy _____ when the telephone rang.
a) was waking up
b) woken up
c) woke up

38. He _____ when the dog ran in front of him.
a) was cycling
b) cycled
c) cycles

39. Have you ever _____ and...