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1.2 spell out your name

In this activity your will get some pronunciation tips and practice the alphabet sounds to spell out names.

1.ask your teacher why it’s very common and necessary tospell out names in inglish.

2. work in groups of four. Ask your classmates their first names, middle names and last names. Use the following questions:
a) what’s your first name? Alejandro, Víctor,Alfredo, Cesar
b) what’s your middle name? Garcia, Villa Gomez, Gandara, Lopez
c) what’s your las name? González, Chapa, Medellín, Castro

3. listen and repeat the alphabet as indicated in page 8 inyour student book. Indentify the latters you don’t know how to pronounce. Notice that to spell your name or surname, the problem is often pronouncing vowel sounds.

4. here are some tips topronounce.

-“a” is a pronounced as in “may”
-“e” is pronounced as in “email” or “he”
-“i” is pronounced as in “I” or “eye”
-“o” is pronounced as in “no”
-“u” is pronounced as “you”Consonants:
-“g” is pronounced like the “j” in “jeans”
-“j” is pronounced as in “DJ” or “jane”
-“w” is pronounced “double you”
-“x” is pronounced “ex”
-“y” is pronounced “why”
-“z” is pronounced“zee” (rhymes with “sea” in American inglish)

5. write your first, middle and last names. Spell out your first, middle and last names to your partners. Check if they are correct. Double check if necessary.Remember some people don’t have a middle name.

6. Listen to your partners spell out their first, middle, and last names. Write their names. Check if they are correct. Double check them ifnecessary.

7. you may include the spelling of names as evidence in your language portofolio.

1.6 keeping a vocabulary record of news words.

In this activity you will learn and use thevocabulary notebook technique to learn new words in English.

1. keeping a vocabulary notebook is an important strategy to learn new words. This is an example of its format and the way to...
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