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Circle the correct word. Nota:
1. A. Did you go / went to the cinema?
B. No, we go / went to the theatre.
2. A. I fall / fell off my bike yesterday.
B. How did that happen / happened?
3. A. We live / lived in Scotland in 1998.
B. How long did you live / lived there?
4. A. I have / had a birthday party last Saturday.
B. Did you get / got lots ofpresents?
5. A. My dad work / worked in the USA.
B. Oh, what did he do / did there?
6. A. I go / went skiing last week.
B. Where did you go / went?
7. A. Did we get / got any homework yesterday?
B. Yes, we get / got some Maths.
8. A. Did you watch / watched the football match?
B. No, I watch / watched a film.

Complete the sentences with was, were, wasn’t or weren’t.
A. __________ you athome yesterday?
B. No, I __________. I __________ at my mother’s house.
A. __________ you with your brothers?
B. No, they __________. They __________ in the cinema.
A. __________ the food good?
B. Yes, it __________ really great.

Complete the questions with the correct question words from the box.
When How many Why What Who
1. ____________________ is your favourite actor?
2.____________________ people are there in the school?
3. ____________________ aren’t you going to the cinema tonight?
4. ____________________ are your favourite hobbies?
5. ____________________ is your birthday?

Complete the sentences with am, are or is.
1. _______________ you cooking for dinner.
2. What _______________ you studying at the moment?
3. _______________ your dad working now?
4. Why_______________ we speaking English?
5. What _______________ she doing?

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in the correct form. Use present
1. How many goals __________ Ronaldo __________ (score) this year?
2. I ____________________ (make) a list of things to buy. Here it is.
3. I ____________________ (think) about the problem, but I can’t find a solution.
4. Theweather ____________________ (be) terrible these days. It’s too cold!
5. __________ you __________ (enjoy) yourself at the party?
6. Yes, we ____________________ (have) a great time. Thanks!

Write the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use present tense.
1. Richard ____________________ (speak, neg.) Russian.
2. Linda ____________________ (play) tennis very well.
3. Helen____________________ (come) to Santiago once a month.
4. Lions ____________________ (eat, neg.) vegetables.
5. I ____________________ (like, neg.) tomatoes.
6. Rachel ____________________ (paint) nice pictures.
7. They ____________________ (work) in the city centre.
8. It ____________________ (rain) a lot in winter.

Past Simple: Which sentences/questions are correct?
1. In which sentence is thePast tense used correctly?
a) Steven forgetted his homework.
b) Steven forgot his homework.
c) Steven forgots his homework.
2. Which negative sentence is in the Past tense?
a) We did not speak Russian.
b) We not spoke Russian.
c) We spoke not Russian.
3. Which question is in the Past tense?
a) Did you saw her?
b) Did you see her?
c) Have you seen her?
4. Which question is in the Pasttense?
a) When did Anne find the keys?
b) When found Anne the keys?
c) When does Anne find the keys?
5. In which sentence is the Past tense used correctly?
a) The hotel room was very nice.
b) The hotel room were very nice.
c) The hotel room is very nice.
6. Which question is in the Past tense?
a) Did you saw her?
b) Did you see her?
c) Have you seen her?
7. Which sentence is in thePast tense?
a) She has read a book.
b) She read a book.
c) She reads a book.
8. Which of the following words are used with the Past tense?
a) Now
b) Yesterday
c) Tomorrow

Negate the given sentence.

He walked to the park.
He did not walk to the park.
1) They came out of the house. _________________________________________________________
2) Andrew invited his friends....
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