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  • Publicado : 11 de agosto de 2010
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can i help you? ( )please give me one pack
a) how much coffee do you want? ( )a quarter of a kilo please
b) How many eggs?( )half a kilo. Can have eggs to?
c) Would you like some cereal? ( )yes, i want some coffee
d) How much ham do you need?( )no that´s all. How much it is?
e) Any bread? ( )a dozen
f) Any thing else?( )here you are. Thank you
g) Forty five pesos ( )yes, one box


a)what do you need to wear for school?
b)what do you needto carry to school?
c)what do you need to work in class?
d)what do you need to studu at home?
e)what do you need to be a good student?

Unscramble the words to make questionsa)a/nuler/there/is/in the drawer/?

b)any/there/are/felt pens/?

c) glue/there/any/is/?



Relate intruccions and peoplecorrectly. write the corresponding number in the paréntesis

1 take two aspirins and go to bed ( )policeman
2 start the Enghien please ( )longdistance
3 practice the dialogue in pairs ( )mechanic
4 give me your number please ( )doctor
5 show me your driver´s license ()teacher

Match each situation the correct waring

1 the doorway is very low ( )don´t eat it!
2 those electric cables are live ( )get outof the way!
3 there´s a spider on you sholder ( )be careful not to slip
4 the floor is wet ( )mind your head
5 this cheese...
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