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• The door!
Utterson was a lawyer. in the year 1885 was fifty-five years of age. He was tall and thin. His face was pale and thecolor of his hair was silver, always wore a white shirt and black suit. These were the clothes of a lawyer. He lived alone in a big house near thecenter of London.
Mr. Utterson was a serious man who did not laugh very often. Bur he was kind and intelligent and had many good friends. mostof his friends were doctors or lawyer. Utterson liked because he listened carefully, but said little. and Utterson always helped his friends.Every Sunday, Utterson found his friend, sir. enfield. The two men liked to go walking in london together. enfield showed many new andinteresting sites to Utterson.
Sunday afternoon, took Utterson enfield east end of london. this was a poor part of town, but there were also manyinteresting shops and markets at the end of this. people from different countries lived there. during working hours, this was a lively and busy.However, on Sunday, markets and shops were closed and streets were empty.
Enfield Utterson took down a narrow street. here the houses were oldand dirty. some of which were empty and some had broken windows. Utterson did not like this street.
'Why do you come here,' "said Utterson.Enfield stopped. pointed to an old door on the other side of the street. Enfield stopped. pointed to an old door on the other side of the street.
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