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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2010
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Now i will speak about my vacations

At first, i have been playing computer games and speaking with my brother pablo great time of myvacations,

some days i go out with my friends who lives in my condominium to speak and play with them.
one day, i plan go the south. Herelives my family, the most part of my cousins and uncles,
but i had problems with my father and mother.
for this i couldn´t go. i have seenmy boyfriend a very little time because he has been studing for the university
a lot of days for his exams, but i only want to see him.Butthat time i have been going to mall a lot with my mother
and my little brother to buy some clothes for us. sometimes i worked in the local ofmy father and after a while we
have been playing with the "tragamonedas" for one or two hours, one day i won twenty thousand in one game,i say
" i´m a perfect player" but then i lose that money.a few days passed i have seen one uncle with my mother. she have been
wating ababy. we bought some clothes for her and his next son or daughter, she wants to have a male because the womans
that she had, they have been alot of problems during the pregnant. the next day, my grandmother came to my house
for visit me and i have been wating her visit for a longtime ago. the last week i rested all the days for entry to class
with all the energy.

This was my vacation and i enjoyed them. thanks.
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