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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2010
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Sally is in a book store, she owns, walking around a while. She likes to read about sport and keep herself updated about actualities. Now all her attention is around the Olympic Games in Beijing. So she is buying a news paper with an article around the theme.

Barbara: Hi sally! Nice to meet you! How isgoing with you?

Sally: Ehy. What a pleasure. Nice to meet you also. I am fine thanks, and you?

Barbara: I am fine also. I thought you were on your job at this hour. What are you doing here?Sally: I am. This is my job. I own this book store since a few months. I am doing a some changes. Actually I am looking information about the Olympics. You know I like sports.

Barbara: I am lookingfor that also. I would like to travel there for the Olympics.

Sally: If you are planning to travel, it’s good for you to buy this book.

Sally said that, as she shows Barbara an article aboutBeijing.

Barbara: Oh. This is great. This is giving a little history on the theme.

Sally: Yes, read. The Olympics was first start in Greece in the year 776 B.C. in the Valley of Olympia in Elis. Fromthere the name of Olympic Games.

Barbara: This is really important to know.

Sally: Yes it is.

Barbara: When will the Olympics get started?

Sally: The 06 of august. Look here is theprogram for that day. Would like to have it?

Barbara: Yes it would be healthy for me.

Sally: The closing Ceremony will be on the 24th of august. And you can see a lot more information about thepreparations. Take the news paper, you can have it.

Barbara: Thank you, you are very kind. Ehy sally I am thinking… Would you like to go with me to Beijing?

Sally: I guess I would like to. But I wouldhave to see, because as I told you, I am doing a lot of changes in this place. However it would be nice. We keep in touch. I’ll give you my phone number.

Barbara: o.k. Let me check. But I...