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mesmerize , UK usually mesmerise /ˈmez.mə.raɪz/ verb
1. [ T often passive ] to have someone's attention completely so that they cannot think of anything else
I was completely mesmerized by the performance.
2. [ T ] old-fashioned for hypnotize
squeaky /ˈskwiː.ki/ adjective SOUND
1. making a very high sound
squeaky /ˈskwiː.ki/ adjective SUCCESS
2. US only just succeeding in a game,competition, etc.
The president had a squeaky six-vote win (= he won by only six votes) in Congress.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. US saying
said to emphasize that attention is paid to those problems which are made most noticeable
sensuous /ˈsen t  .sjʊəs/ adjective
1. giving or expressing pleasure through the physical senses, rather than pleasing the mind or the intelligence
Sheluxuriated in the sensuous feel of the silk sheets.
2. sensual
He had a very sensuous mouth.
sensuously /ˈsen t  .sjʊə.sli/ adverb
sensuousness /ˈsen t  .sjʊə.snəs/ noun [ U ]
gloomy /ˈgluː.mi/ adjective WITHOUT HOPE
1. unhappy and without hope
a gloomy person/expression
The cemetery is a gloomy place.
2. with no positive opinions or expectations about a situation
The vet israther gloomy about my cat's chances of recovery.
a gloomy economic forecast
gloomy /ˈgluː.mi/ adjective DARK
3. dark in a way that is unpleasant and makes it difficult to see
What gloomy weather we're having!
We waited in a gloomy waiting-room.
gloomily /ˈgluː.mɪ.li/ adverb
gloominess /ˈgluː.mɪ.nəs/ noun [ U ]
locksmith /ˈlɒk.smɪθ/ /ˈlɑːk-/ noun [ C ]
a person who repairs and/ormakes locks and supplies keys
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun FASTENER
1. [ C ] a device which prevents something such as a door being opened and which you can only open with a key
I heard someone turn a key in the lock.
safety locks
Thieves got in by smashing the lock off the door.
See also padlock
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun WATER
2. [ C ] a length of water with gates at each end where the levelof water can be changed to allow boats to move between parts of a canal or river which are at different heights
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun DEFINITE EVENT
3. [ C ] US informal something that is certain to happen
She's a lock for promotion this year.
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun HAIR
4. [ C ] a small group of hairs, especially a curl
There is a lock of Napoleon's hair in the display cabinet.
5.locks literary
the hair on someone's head
curly locks
flowing golden locks
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun WHEELS
6. [ U ] UK the amount a road vehicle's front wheels can be turned from one side to the other by turning its steering wheel
You need it on full lock (= with the wheel turned as much as possible) .
lock /lɒk/ /lɑːk/ noun HOLD
7. [ C ] a way of holding someone that you arefighting against so that they cannot move
score /skɔː r / /skɔːr/ verb WIN
1. [ I or T ] to win or get a point, goal, etc. in a competitive activity, such as a sport or game, or in an examination
Tennant scored (a goal ) in the last minute of the match.
In American football, a touchdown scores (= is worth) six points.
She scored 18 out of 20 in the spelling test.
2. [ I or T ] to succeed inan activity or to achieve something
She has certainly scored ( a success ) with her latest novel.
Nearly every bomb scored a hit .
You have a lot of patience - that's where you score over (= are better than) your opponents.
3. [ I ] UK to record the number of points won by competitors
We need someone to score for tomorrow's match.
score /skɔː r / /skɔːr/ verb GET
4. [ T ] US informalto get something
I managed to score a couple of tickets to the World Cup final.
5. [ I or T ] slang to get illegal drugs
She tried to score some dope in a nightclub.
6. [ I ] slang If someone scores, they have sex with someone that they have usually just met
Did you score last night, then?
score /skɔː r / /skɔːr/ verb MARK
7. [ T ] to make a mark or cut on the surface of something...
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