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Cdjecllues qualities Positive
accomplished appropriate considerate creative down-to-earth easygoing generous helpful humble laid-back outgoing practical quiet safe shy

l/erúsNegativequalities arrogant competitive demanding dishonest disorganized impatient inconsiderate reckless rude selfish unfriendly unreliable admire someone apologize to someone balance work and play borrowsomething count on someone drive recklessly feel strongly about something get impatient,, have a (great) senseof humor have impeccable taste (in clothes) honkyour horn interrupt people slow down take (school/ work) seriously talk about people behind their backs tell the truth trust someone tryhard to (getto class)

(absolutely)wonderful (comp'letely) honest (incredibly) talented (totally) reliableArlverbs lntensitiers absolutely completely extremely incredibly not at all pretty really

totally very fairly

Manner automatically badly carefully correctly differently easily fast hardimmediately Iate nicely

on time properly quickly recklessly seriously slowly strongly well Attitude basically

behavior 0escnúing
Nobody feels safe on the highways becausepeople drive recklessly. Ithink it's nice to win, but I don't feel strongly about it, On buses,peopleseemvery rude. Young people don't know how to speak correctly. I think young people dress properly here. Young people oftendress casually,but that's OK.

Pnlrrfimgütlf f/te pü$,frt/ü At least he's not always throwing wild parties. but at least I don't I'm always checking my phone messages, do it in class.

I can be (very competitive) because . . . I c a n s p e a k .. . I have a degree in . . . I work for a company called . . . I'm allergic to . . . I'm an accomplished (piano player). Myfirst name is really . . .

r fi fi esuibingpersü ality and charuütü
I really admire a guy in my karate class. He's not very outgoing. He's basically just shy. He'spractical and down-to-earth. He's...
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