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1. Match the words in columns A and B. Write the names of the jobs.

Company officer 1. Company director
Disc processor 2. Disc jockey
Word director 3. Word processorPolice guide 4. Police officer
Security jockey 5. Security guard
Tour guard 6. Tour guide

2. Write the sentence. Use He or She.

1. I’m a security guard. I work in a departmentstore. I guard the store at night.

He’s a security guard. He works in a department store. He guards the store at night.

2. I work in a travel agency and take people on tours. I’m a tour guide.she works at a travel agency and she takes people on tours. she is tour guide

3. I work in an office. I’m a word processor. I like computers a lot.

He works in an office. he is wordprocessing. he likes computers a lot

4. I’m a disc jockey. I work in a night club. I play music.

he is disc jockey, he works in a night club, he can play music

3. Write a or an.

a a1. He’s  carpenter. He works for  construction company. He builds schools and hospitals.

2. She works for travel company and arranges tours. She’s travel agent.
3. He has interesting job. He’steacher. He works in high school.
4. She’s architect. She works for large company. She builds houses. It’s great job.
5. She works with computers in office. She’s word processor. She’s also parttime student. She takes English class in the evening.

4. Complete this conversation with the correct words.

Tom : What _do____ your husband _does___ exactly?
(do/does) (do/does)
Liz :He _works __ for a department store. He’s a manager.
Tom : How _does____ he _likes___ it?
(do /does) (like/likes)
Liz : It’s an interesting job. He _ likes __ itvery much.
But he __ works_ long hours. And what ___ do ____ you __ does__ ?
(work/works) (do /does) (do/does)

Tom : I’m a student. I _ study___...
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