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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2009
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People dream to be a super start, but they do not know how superstars want to have a normal life. At a very early age, people can be attracted to have the life style of someone that appears on TV orsinging on the radio. However, they do not know that real life for those starts is far away to be a perfect model of an ordinary life.
First of all, in that entire fancy world, celebrities have tostruggle to escape from the media to have their own privacy. Celebrities try to have a normal life knowing that even if they are doing what regular people do, they will be judge by the whole world.This means that while Shakira is running away hiding from paparazzi, cameras or even fans to protect her private life and be able to do the things she wants to do without anyone judging her, regularpeople just go outside take a walk nicely and sometimes enjoy laughing with pictures or videos showed on TV about Shakira’s boyfriend, hair style, and her diets without caring what people can say aboutthem.
Also, fame makes pressure on the lives of the celebrities in terms of time and how to keep up a good impression on the people who follow them. As a result, celebrities have to be a good exampleto follow for their fans and the people who watch them go on in their career. For example, a well known start as Celine Dion may have to do interviews and special programs to keep up fans happy andalways on the edge otherwise her popularity may go down. In contrast, regular people can manage their time as they want. They only have to worry about simple things like paying rent, cable, and cellphone or most important their family.
Finally, being a celebrity makes all these super stars to be far away from home, in other words not being able to be there for their family for a long period oftime. It would be perfect to be a superstar and be capable to stay always at home but this is something that is rare to happen. For example, Madonna that has children and has been divorce two times....
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