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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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my love I want to know how much you mean to me ,that when you do not feel like one day a piece of me missing, you are a very important person for me ... You are very special...

for me to do was the best .. The most beautiful thing in my world!
Pence never only one person had the ability to change my environment and my life with just one look, with just a smile!You can not imagine what you mean for me! I hate to be corny... but I want to say q without you, without you, without your love, without your kisses and your love .. could never be happy!

since youcame into my life every day I'm more mad! comes of joy, hope ... of dreams and love of life, to reach a point where we part and we are not together until the end of our lives .. and to remember everymoment and every moment with so much joy and excitement!

this feeling and nobody can separate .. which is the nicest in the world thanks to you I got to know what is happiness ... I love you by myside feel you near me ... you're more than everything to me and I think anything in the world separate from you ... because such a beautiful thing .. a thing as perfect ... a feeling so unique in lifenever will be lost .. going to forget ... we will not separate!

I want to say that every day we're together I love you more and more .. does not make me stay but I love watching you .. listening... feel you near me .. not anyone think of anything .. only you .. because no one is more important than your .. because no one there if you are you ...! & Do not change ... you make it very clear.. are the most perfect guy to know and many would want to be with you .. but am I the lucky ... I have the greatest treasure of the world ... are the fate of my life

I do not think that these...
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