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fare sliding doors platform conductor crew cab double-decker bus stop driver rush hour tube destination inspector subway lifthail single-decker taxi rank metro coach meter escalator conductress check tip rack
I. Put each of the following words in their correctplace in the passage below.

A taxi, sometimes called a (a) ________, is the most comfortable way to travel. You simply (b) ______ the taxi in the street or go to a (c) __________ where there areseveral taxis waiting, for example at a station. At the end of your journey, you can see how much the (d) ________ is by looking at the (e) _________. You add a (f) ________ to this andthat´s it. Very simple. But expensive!
What about taking a bus? If it has two floors, it´s called a (g) ____________ and you can get a good view from the top. If it has only one floor, it´s called a (h)___________. Most buses have a two-person (i) _________: the (j) _________, who drives, of course, and the (k) __________, (or (l) __________ if it´s a woman) who takes your money.Keep your ticket because an (m) __________ might want to (n) _________ it. You catch a bus by waiting at a (o) __________. You can see where a bus is going because the (p) __________ is written onthe front. But try to avoid the (q) ___________.
Quicker then the bus is the underground (called the (r) _________ in London, the (s) __________ in New York and the (t) __________ in Paris and manyother cities). You buy your ticket at the ticket-office. Go down t the (u) __________ on the (v) _________ or in the (w) __________. The train comes, the (x) ____________ open. You geton and look at the map of the underground system.
For longer distances take a train or a long distance bus, usually called a (y) _________, which is slower but cheaper. The train is very fast. Put...
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