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Unit 1

Second Grade Social Practice of the Language Understand and express information related to goods and services Environment Familiar and community Specific Competency Offer and understand suggestions in order to buy or sell a product


I. Brainstorm. What catalogs have you seen or read? Have you ordered something from a catalog? II. What information do catalogs have to include?Complete the word map.


III. Read the following dialog and underline the size, cross out the color and circle what they are looking for. Clerk: Can I help you? Customer: Yes, I´m looking for a blouse? Clerk: What size would you like? Customer: Medium, please. Clerk: And what color would you prefer? Customer: Do you have a dark blue. Clerk: Yes we do. Let me get it for you. I´msorry we don´t have that size available at this store, would you like me to order it. IV. Draw what the customer is looking for?


V. Write the following words in the correct category.

blue skirt

9 pink

red 2

socks jeans

shoes jacket small

green can would

cap will 7

12 sweater shorts

medium large

cerulean blue






















VII. Circle the words you find in this runitalltogether paragraph. xcwhitemjioplktrmediumbndfwqaeeeextralargescksoppsmallshirt humnsbathingsuitswinmortblueytrwrgreenerplklpsocksredcaplkjio sacretytennisshoessizemnbvcxzpinkmyertdressbootswrtytrtrplkjuosuitstrfghgftrertmnbvcoubootsqwasszxcviejacketcollarsplkmnhjeip sweaterklopflipflopspurpletyrepopppytttqwertasdfghjklñzxcvbnmd VIII. Write 5 sentences using the vocabulary seen in exercise 6.
a)____________________________________________________________________________ b)____________________________________________________________________________ c)____________________________________________________________________________d)____________________________________________________________________________



IX. Survey 10 of your classmates asking them: what their favorite color is, what their favorite piece of clothing. Then make a graph and socialize your findings. X. In teams of 4, compose a song to sell garments to use as anadvertisement in a radio program. XI. Read about the comparatives and superlatives of adjectives. Ask your teacher if you have more questions about them. Comparatives are used to compare two things. You can use sentences with “than”, or you can use a conjunction like “but”. Comparatives
 

Jiro is taller than Yukio. Yukio is tall, but Jiro is taller.

Superlatives are used to compare more thantwo things. Superlative sentences usually use “the”, because there is only one superlative. Superlatives
 

Masami is the tallest in the class. Yukio is tall, and Jiro is taller, but Masami is the tallest.

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XII. Write the comparative of the following adjectives. cheap ___________________ modern__________________ small ____________________ blue _____________________ beautiful __________________ old ______________________ short _____________________ white ____________________ cold ______________________ expensive ___________________________ big _________________________________ pretty _______________________________ nice _________________________________ new _________________________________...
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