Unit 1

Second Grade Social Practice of the Language Understand and express informationrelated to goods and services Environment Familiar and community Specific Competency Offer andunderstand suggestions in order to buy or sell a product


I. Brainstorm. Whatcatalogs have you seen or read? Have you ordered something from a catalog? II. What information docatalogs have to include? Complete the word map.


III. Read the following dialogand underline the size, cross out the color and circle what they are looking for. Clerk: CanI help you? Customer: Yes, I´m looking for a blouse? Clerk: What size would you like?Customer: Medium, please. Clerk: And what color would you prefer? Customer: Do you have a darkblue. Clerk: Yes we do. Let me get it for you. I´m sorry we don´t have that size available atthis store, would you like me to order it. IV. Draw what the customer is looking for?

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