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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2010
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We are going to talk about Chile, it’s a country situated in the south of America. Chile bounded on the East with Argentina and Bolivia, in the north with Peru, and in the south with Polo. It hascoastlines on the Pacific Ocean. In this country we can visit 12 different regions. Its capital city is Santiago de Chile, where about 35% of the population of the country live there, and there are 174historical places to visit. We can see a lot of historical buildings. There are also different theaters and every summer an important Festival takes place. It has been taking place since 1994 inSantiago. It is called: “Festival Nacional del Teatro”. In the capital there are 18 cinemas, two zoos and an exciting funfair called “Fantasilandia”. There are five neighbourhoods where you can find themost important discos and restaurants of the country.
The weather is hot and dry in the north, because there is a desert called Atacama. In the south the weather is wet. But Chile’s most usual weatheris Mediterranean. As a result, we can see different landscapes.
In this country we can see one of the wonders of the world; The Andes Mountains.
There are about 15.116.435 inhabitants. Most of thepopulation live on the coast. They are called: LOS ROJOS. Their lenguage is Spanish.
The flag has one red strip, a white one and on a blue square there is a white star. In the emblem we can seethe most important animal which is the Huemul and the most important bird which is the Condor, in Chile. with the sentence “por la razon o la fuerza”.
Since March, 2010 the president of Chile isSebastian Piñera Echinique, who is a sales engineer.
The typical dance in Chile is the Cuenca, which is a traditional dance where people dance it everywhere but they change their clothes and accessoriesaccording to the region. The typical food depends on the zone because there are different cultures, climate and habits on each regions. They usually cook with meat, chicken and fish. In Chile we...
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