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Task 1
23th September 2010

Dear Mathew
I am so pleased you’re coming to see me. I think we should meet at the “Fornace” restaurant. It is located on Remigio Crespo Avenue. You could ask for Alejandro Serrano Stadium and go straight to Remigio Crespo. The restaurant is in front of FYBECA pharmacy. It can be easy to get lost but you can call me any time. My phone number is 083 333 434. Pleasetry to find a telephone booth. You can find it easily all around Cuenca. I have a board meeting before to go with you. I will try to be on time at the restaurant but if I am not you just start with something to drink.
I am looking forward meeting you here in my lovely city. We should have a sightseeing day tour. I will take you to the Central Park and there you could take some pictures ofthe Cathedral. Actually we have two: a new one and an old one. After that we should go to the Panama hat museum. I am sure you will enjoy it. We have a lot of things to do.
Keep me posted whenever you can. I really enjoy receiving your letters and getting details of your trip.

Sincerely grateful,

Task 2
23th September 2010

Dear Michelle

I‘d like to say thank you for thewonderful days we had together. I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to share those days with you and your family. I would like to thank you for taking the time to cook the meal. I loved turkey and you made it great! It was delicious and I won’t forget it. Thanksgiving is a special day to give thanks to God although we do not celebrate this day in Ecuador I have learned more about yourculture. I appreciated you and your family let me be part of this celebration. I won’t forget when your husband begins the dinner by saying a prayer.
I hope some day you come to Ecuador. We would spend lovely days here.

Kind regards,



Task 3
23th September 2010
Dear Paul
It’s been awhile since I wrote you. I thought I would drop you a line and bring you up to date what’s happening here.
The first week of moving to this new city really made me sad but I just go on with this new life. Actually, I am enjoying more things now, like the modern buildings I can see here. I can visit the museums, take the train to the beach and go shopping by myself. I go to the library to join aconversation club after work. I would like to improve my English as soon as possible.
I thought you would like to come over here to spend some days together because I feel a little bit blue. I know you are working hard these months but maybe we could have plans for the next vacations.
That is all for now. I will be looking forward good news from you soon.


Task 4
23thSeptember 2010
Dear John
I missed being with you the holidays this year! You could enjoy with us. Anna, Nick, Paula and I were to the beach.
We took my car to go to the big party on the beach but something happened in the middle of nowhere! My car didn’t start anymore. I was not driving because I forgot my license as always and Nick drove all the way long. I thought the car was without gas and whenwe were going to find some near there, Nick told us it was not the problem. We decided to take some time maybe the problem was the car battery.
Then we went to find a grocery and buy some drinks. We couldn’t believe where we were. It was a fantastic place we haven’t been before. The small town had a beautiful colorful houses and it was very clean all around. I would really come back there withyou. You would enjoy as we did.
After a few hours we tried to start the car again but nothing. I realized that my car had been locked by mistake! I have a very small lock button in the glove compartment and I pressed it when I was looking for something. I apologized for the delay but they were really happy because we had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place.
Well, hope you had a...
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