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Between the typical Canadian celebrations one finds the Day of the Marmot, celebrated at the beginning of September, moment in which one of these nice little animals, so called Wiarton Willie, is predicted by it since time more will last the winter. Other one of the typical feasts, which they share with the Americans, is that of the Thanksgiving Day, moment inwhich they re-join with his families to share a generous banquet of turkey with gourd and cider of apple.

On November 11 the Canadians carry out the feast of the day of the Recollection, where celebrate his dead men and to those who served to his country during the war. Also there are classic the feasts of Christmas and New Year.
Canada arranges of his own day, “Day of Canada", traditional and typical festivity where the autonomy of the United Kingdom is celebrated. From always it was a custom to see spectacular parades of presentation, and classic holidays outdoors where it is possible to attend several typical spectacles.

This holiday was established on 1879 and named previously ´´day Sunday and afterwards was renowned ´´day of Canada´´

Ottawa, his cardinalcity is the center of the meetings for this traditional Canadian celebration. Every year is common to find tourists impressed by his big and impressive holidays outdoors; you fill of color and character. It is clear that also it is not rare to find festivities in the lawn of the buildings of the national parliament, beside being a tradition dragged up to cities as Montreal and Toronto, wherecertainly it is very habitual to attend one of the best parades of the country.

The Canadian Christmas are characterized by the classic and conservative Christmas songs, be in English, Frenchman, or German. One of his more interesting traditions was to listen in the mornings to the hot Christmas melodies of hand of the choir of the city, in cause also for groups of persons in thedoor of the homes (very traditional in the movies).

Is necessary the preparation of sweet Christmas Granting of this form the touch of sweetness that any festivity must have. In this point we can emphasize like the most favorite the delicious sponge-cakes of chocolate or frozen cookies done with cocoa and sugar.
It is fundamental that every Christmas has his special tonality: strong red, sotraditional color in the suit of Holy, since in the Christmas garlands. Of this form it is that our tree must have at least a Christmas hanger that arranges a red, alone color as decorative traditional detail. And it is of this form that concludes the traditional Christmas Canadian preparation, only it remains to practice and to enjoy it of the good night.

In Canada too celebratedday of Halloween known as night oh witches. It has characteristic key as " trick or trick " in order that the children receive his sweets in exchange in the door of the tenement houses, bonfires, holidays between young women and disguises, that at present, they have diversified, spending of them classic gourds, witches, mummies and prominent figures of terror, to heroes of cartoon.

Entre las celebraciones típicas canadienses se encuentra el Día de la Marmota, celebrado a principios de Septiembre, momento en que uno de estos simpáticos animalitos, llamado Wiarton Willie, pronostica por cuanto tiempo más durará el invierno. Otro de los festejos típicos, que comparten con los estadounidenses, es el del Día de Acción de Gracias, momento en que se reunencon sus familias para compartir un generoso banquete de pavo con calabaza y sidra de manzana.

El 11 de Noviembre los canadienses llevan a cabo el festejo del día del Recuerdo, donded celebran a sus muertos y a los que sirvieron a su país durante la guerra. También son clásicos los festejos de Navidad y Año Nuevo.

Dia de canada
Canadá dispone de su propio día, “Día de Canadá”, festividad...
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