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Strategy 4. Draw conclusions about who, what, where
|1 |It is common for you to be asked to draw one of the following conclusions in the short dialogues|
| |WHO is probably talking? |
| |WHAT will she/he probablydo next? |
| |WHERE does the dialogue probably take place?|

EXERCISE 4: In this exercise, read each short dialogue and question, underline the clues that help you answer the question,and then choose the best answer. You will have to draw conclusions about who, what, and where.
|Man |I’d like to deposit this check in my account please. |a |A storeclerk |
|Woman |Would you like any cash back? |b |A bank teller|
|Question |Who is the woman? |c |An accountant |
| ||d |A waitress |

|Woman |Have you deposited your paycheck yet?|a |Earn his paycheck |
|Man |No, but that’s next on my list of errands. |b |Write a check for adeposit on an apartment |
|Question |What will the man probably do next? |c |Go to a bank |
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