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Andrea has to go to a party of her company and she decides to have her hair done up at beauty salon. She telephones to her hair stylist inthe city.
Receptionist: Good afternoon, In which I can help it?
Lady: good afternoon, I call in the morning to make an appointment.
Receptionist: oh so sorry what’s yourname?
Lady: My name is Andrea Wong.
Receptionist: Your appointment was for 5:00 p.m., right?
Lady: yes it’s correct.
Receptionist: in the agenda it says that you wanta haircut and a dye, It’s correct?
Lady: yes, it’s correct.
Receptionist: in a while we will call you, please take a seat for a moment.
Lady: thank you very much.
Tenminutes later…
Receptionist:  Miss Andrea Wong. it’s your turn.
Stylist: good afternoon, Nice to see you after a long time. Where have you been?
Lady: Good afternoon. I’ve been busy at work.
Stylist:  what kind of hair cut do you want, the same like ever?
Lady: No, now I want a modern cut, like which it appears in this magazine.Stylist: oh, very well, I believe that that cut will favor your face.
Lady: thank you very much I think the same.
Stylist: It would like, shorter?
Lady: No thanks, I’d liketo leave my hair long. Just cut off the ends which are splitting and shape the hair at the back a bit
Stylist: good, All right. You have such lovely straight hair. Longhair cut is in vogue these days. Your hair is soft and doesn’t fluff out. Just the right kind of hair to suit the current fashion trend, then we finished right now with thehair cut. that’s done. Now the girl will apply the dye your hair. Of which tone is going to want the dye?
Lady: I want the same color that I have.
Stylish: All right.
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