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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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1st act:

(Lorena, Yeka and Jose are in a math class)

J: wow!! I really love this math class!!!

Y & L: really??? (Sarcastic)

J: no ¬¬, this is so boring, I don’t understand anything!!

Y: yeah, me neither, I think I’m going to fall asleep at any moment. I’m only here because the teacher catches my eye with his smile.

L: don’t talk about that I’m tired; I couldn’t sleep lastnight… so I started reading books and also I watched TV…

J & Y: books??… Like??? (Sarcastic)

L: like Shakespeare, metamorphosis from Kafka and I watched Pocahontas, Cinderella and one of the episodes of star wars.

J: Seems like you watched the same as my little sister

Y: why did you do such a thing?

L: well, because I didn’t want to clean my bedroom… my mother made me choose betweenreading books or clean it, so I preferred to read books…

(Yeka and Jose ignore Lorena)

J: hey Yeka!! I had a party yesterday, it was awesome!!!

Y: a party (angry) and you didn’t invite us!!!

J: I was about to call you guys but I ran out of credit.

Y: that’s not an excuse!!! You could’ve called from a public phone!!!

J: sorry, I was so excited about that party, so I had to hurry…

Y:well who cares… I’ll look at the bright side. I’ve a party tomorrow and you’re not invited.

(Lorena starts dreaming)

[One missed call]

2nd act:

(Romeo is looking for Pocahontas and so is Cinderella, Romeo runs into Cinderella and both start looking for Pocahontas)

R: hey Cinderella how’s it going?? Hey uhm… do you know where Pocahontas is??

C: actually I’m looking for her too…why don’t we just look for her together??

R: ok, I’d sure like a little of company… but where is she???

(Romeo and Cinderella starts asking the public if they have seen Pocahontas, then they hear something strange in the air…Pocahontas is waking up)

[Pocahontas monologue]

R: I think I hear something…

C: Yeah it sounds just like her!

R & C: hey Pocahontas!! We were looking for you,where have you been??

P: oh hi!! Hum, you are…??

C: Cinderella? Romeo?

R: What’s wrong with you??

P: nothing (wind sound) oh the wind

C: yeah maybe is your mother showing you the path that you have to follow…

P: what are you talking about??

C: don’t you say that your mother is the wind??

P: what’s wrong with you? She’s dead! Close the window is cold!!! (Sniff)

R: window?What window? This is the forest

P: oh sorry I thought I was in another place…oh yeah now I remember…, I was stressed out so I ran from my colony; the thing is that I’m confused because I have to choose between 2 guys that are in love with me. They both are HOT, the firs one is kokum, he’s from my colony and the other one is John smith, he’s English… and our love is impossible, that’s what themovie says.

C: huh!! Do you think that’s enough?? To be honest with you, I have to cook, clean, wash the clothes, wash the dishes, take out the dog to walk, feed the mice, feed the cat, and even my step sisters, all day long and besides that, the prince wants me to pay a fine because I broke his crystal shoe, isn’t that annoying???

(Cinderella takes out a knife furiously)

R: oh no!! I’mafraid!!

P: please don’t kill me… I have to take care of my lands and my people.

R: yeah don’t kill me… kill Juliet for me please! She’s getting on my nerves!

C: Don’t be like that; she’s kind of... cute.

R: It’s Shakespeare’s fault, she’s all the time: Romeo, Romeo where are you that I can see you… and I’m right there!!! I have to put out my sword because her garden is full of flowersand everything; it’s similarly to a jungle. I have to use a stair so I can get to the balcony, she says that is more romantic if I climb to her balcony to see her, we’re alone and nothing happens you know… nothing!!!

P: Is not that much, you can deal with that; I have a grandmother that is a bush…

C: and your cousin is a tree??

P: no, but I had a brother… he’s a chair now

R & C:...
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