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I Read these statements before you read the passage. Think about them while you read. Circle T (true) or F (false).

1 There were many automobile companies at thebeginning of the century. T F
2 Flying was not a new ambition. T F
3Everyone says the Wright Brothers were the first aviators. T F
4 Santos Dumont was a Brazilian national.T F
5 Lindbergh began his transatlantic flight in St. Louis. TF
6 It took him more than a whole day to fly from the U. S. A to Paris. T F
7 Lindbergh made his flight in secret.T F
8 Newy Yorkers were not impressed whith his success. T FA
L the beginning of the twentieth century, transportation was state of upheaval. Engineers were rapidly developing automobiles (there were over 2,000 separate production companies) and in manycountries people were attempting to achieve one of man’s eternal ambitions: powered flight. These efforts were quite private, even secretive, because everyone wished to become the first aviator. Perhapsthis explains why there is no complete agreement about who deserves that title. In many parts of the world, the Wright Brothers are generally accorded the distinction for their flight at Kitty Hawk.N. Carolina. In December 1903. But Brazilians credit the honor to their own Santos Dumont, while other claims include one for a flight near Manila, in the Philippines. All these first flights were...
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