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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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|Nombre: Antonio Urquijo Flores |Matricula2621760 |
|Materia Ingles V.|Maestro: Moises Ulises Alvarado Rodríguez. |
|Modulo: 3 |Actividad: 9 Housing and Property (2) |
|.Other than facts… modals | |
|Fecha: 23 /10/10.|
|Bibliography: || |

To learn how to use the gerunds and infinitives that followspecific verbs.
Be able to distinguish when two clauses in a sentences are parallel or not.
To learn vocabulary words related to transportation by plane, by ship, or by train.

1.Answer the first exercise by completing the verbs in parenthesis in gerund or infinitive form.
2. In the second exercise, determine if the sentence is parallel or not. If it is not parallel, rewritethe sentence correctly.
3. Fill in the blanks in exercise three with an appropriate and logical word from the list of vocabulary words provided.
4. Write a conclusion to these exercises.Results:

Exercises with gerunds and infinitives Provide a gerund or an infinitive to complete the sentences. Use the cues in parenthesis.

1. Visiting foreign countries is on e of the perks ofbusiness. (visit)
2. It would take a good amount of time  to visit all the countries in Asia. (visit)
3. I like to see new places. (see)
4. It took them five hours to make the appraisal....
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