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A / an

1. Complete this shopping list with a/an.

.AN. orange
.A. bottle of wine
.A. carton of milk
.AN. ice-cream
.A. banana
.A. small melon
.A. hamburger
.A. piece of ham
.A. pizza
.AN. apple

2. Complete with a/an.

.AN. hour .AN. ice-cream .A. school uniform
.AN. accident .AN. orange hat .AN. egg .A. green apple .A. white egg
.AN.European country .AN. airport .AN. umbrella
.A. station .AN. English university ..A. library

3. Complete the sentences with a/an.

Paul goes to university every day. In his backpack there is book, A pencil case, A apple and AN egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Some days he also buys AN icecream
for dessert.

Today he has AN. English exam. The exam is not very difficult. He writesA short story
about AN adventurer. The story begins like this: “It is A special day for Oliver. At ten o´clock in the morning he gets on A plane. His destination is Australia...”
4. Some of these phrases are wrong. Correct them.

a engineer a house - an engineer , a house
a hour an orange book – an hour , an orange book
an expensive university an uniform -an expensive university auniform

Plural nouns

1. Write these nouns in plural.

1. fox es 9. Potato es
2. eyelash es 10. Club s
3. house s 11. knife knive
4. life s 12. Chief s
5. flower s 13. Toy s
6. mouse es 14. Worry worries
|7. child ren 15. man men
8. person s 16. Dish es

2. Some of these words arewrong. Correct them or write “ok” if they are right.

1. sheeps Ok
2. scissor Ok
3. children Ok
4. persons Ok
5. tomatos Tomatoes
6. jeans Ok
7. wives Ok
8. women Ok
9. fishes Ok
10. pyjama Ok or pijama

3. Write is or are.

1. He is a very nice person.
2. This pair of scissors are brand new.
3. My trousers are on the bed.
4. There are five people on the bus.
5. Your jeans isblue.
6. Maybe your pyjamas is in the drawer.
7. Mice are very annoying in a house.
8. There are lots of fish in the pond.
9. The police officer is outside the police station.
10. This sheep is only two days old.

Presente Continuo

1. Complete the sentences in present continuous with the verbs given.

1. The birds are sainging (sing).
2. My sister is watching (watch) TVand I am reading (read) a great novel.
3. We are having (have) a very good time on holidays.
4. She is working (work) at the moment but she finishes at 6.
5. Is it. raining (rain) now? Yes, it is.
6. James is playing (play) football in the park now.
7. Harry and Anne are going (go) to the cinema.
8. They are cleaning (clean) the whole house.

2. Write these sentences in the negative(short form)

1 Mrs Thompson is watching her favourite series on TV.
Mrs Thompson isn´t watching her favourite series on TV
2. That boy is eating an ice-cream.
That boy isn´t eating an ice-cream
3. I´m going to the mountain.
I´m not going to the mountain
4 They are making dinner
They aren´t making dinner.

3. Ask questions as in the example.

1. Man / run Isthe man running?
2. Mum / eat / cake Is my mum eating cake?
3. That man / read / the paper Is that man reading the paper?
4. They / wear / T-shirts Are they wearing T-shirts?
5. The birds / fly Are the birds flying?
6. You / listen / to me Are you listening to me?

4. Correct these sentences.

1. We´s having a great time. We’re having a great time
2. They´re puting ontheir coats The’re putting on their coats
3. I are listening to her I’m listening to her
4. We are going home? Are we going home?

Object Pronouns

1. Complete.

I me
You You
He him
She her
It it
We us
You you
They them

2. Complete the sentences with the appropriate object pronoun.

1. I give her (she) all my books.
2. She doesn´t want to tell him...
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