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This is the PCSX2 0.9.1

PCSX2.exe is a Virtual Memory build and should be faster than PCSX2t.exe, this build however requires Win XP Pro or Win XP Home Edition (SP2).

PCSX2t.exe is a TLB build, and is slower than the Virtual Memory build, use this if you do not have a Win XP OS, or are having trouble running games with the VM version.

Run pcsx2t.exe or pcsx2.exe which is in the folderyou extracted the files

1.Plugin Configuration
Graphics plugin configuration
Sound plugin configuration
Pad plugin configuration
CDVD plugin configuration
Dev9 plugin configuration
USB plugin configuration
Firewire plugin configuration

2.BIOS configuration
3.CPU configuration
4.Misc. Settings configuration

Configuring PCSX2

PCSX2 now comes in 2 versions,the TLB and theVM (virtual memory) one.The TLB version is the pcsx2t.exe while the VM version is the pcsx2.exe.
First try running the VM version,following the instructions given(type your account user name,log off/on and restart).If the program still fails to allocate the memory,simply use the TLB version and dont worry the speed difference is not that great.The VM version is said to not work properly withsystems not having Service Pack 2 installed,or XP Home but it is not limited to those,so if you want to save yourself from the trouble just use the TLB one.

This is the main GUI(Graphical User Interface) of PCSX2.From here you can change the settings or plugins used by PCSX2 as you see fit.
Go to Config =>Configure to start configuring PCSX2.You'll see a screen like this(click to enlarge):

Firstoff you can use the Set Plugins Directory and Set Bios Directory to change the directory from which PCSX2 loads its plugins and bios respectively.
So if you are not using the default directories(/plugins and /bios) you should use these buttons to change them.
The Configuration,Test and About buttons that you see under each plugin section are for Configuring the selected plugin,testing if aselected plugin works(kind of obsolete since if it shows up in the list it will work) and for checking out some info about the selected plugin.

Now onto the actual plugin configuring:


What version of pixel shaders does your graphics card support?

Check this link (thanks to Nachbrenner)

For the time being you will be able to use the ZeroGS v0.95.2 plugin (from,which is a new DirectX 9 graphics plugin that requires a graphics card that supports pixel shaders 2 to work.

GSdx9 at v0.9.0,another DirectX 9 based plugin by Gabest is usually faster than ZeroGS in 2D scenes but can also be slower than it.Owners of graphics cards that do not support pixel shaders 2 must use this plugin instead.Both of these plugins are included in all PCSX2 v0.9.1 packsso you won't have to download them separetely
Other plugins like GStaris,GSmax or GSsoft will NOT appear in the graphics plugin list since their specifications are outdated and you should not expect an update to them soon.
Select GSdx9 v0.9.0 and press the Configure button.

First of all GSdx9 comes in 2 versions,a normal one and an SSE2 one.Only IF your processor supports SSE2(Pentium 4/CoreDuo or Athlon64/FX) use the SSE2 version since it will be faster for you.Otherwise you must use the normal version or the plugin will NOT show up in the drop down list.Both flavors,the SSE1 and the SSE2 are included in all PCSX2 v0.9 packs.

Attention:GSdx9 v0.9.0 has a bug in both Fixed Pipeline and Pixel Shaders 1.1 which will cause color corruption.If your card does not support higher pixelshaders unforunately you will have color corruption in your games.
Resolution: In this drop-down menu you will be able to select "Windowed" if you want GSdx9 to run in a window,or choose the resolution/refresh rate you want for a full-screen display
Renderer: Here you can choose how the graphics will be rendered.
By selecting "Direct3D",GSdx9 will use the Direct3D capabilities of your graphics...
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