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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Praise for

The Innovation Master Plan

“A fantastic piece of work, and a guide you must hold at hand when traveling in Innovation-Land. Use it as a reference in outlining your plan to future growth and profits. The business world has to be different, just start to build it ... with this Master Plan.” Léopold Demiddeleer

“Authentic Leadership among the companies of the 21stcentury is naturally a commitment to sustainable growth, profit, and image. And this can only be achieved with a complete dedication to sustainable innovation at the core of the organization. Langdon Morris’ intelligent, passionate and inspiring messages in his master plan make sustainable innovation possible. This dynamic, focused and simple process takes us from concepts and ideas to reality. It ishugely important and productive to guide us in creating valuable innovations for our organizations. Langdon is a true innovation leader, and wherever you are in your innovation journey it is wise to follow these best principles.” Signe Gammeltoft

“The Innovation Master Plan is another revolutionary innovation masterpiece by Langdon Morris, a framework which brings practicality to theconcept of innovation. This book will compel and inspire any executive reader to adopt an innovation culture and framework for their organization in order to survive and succeed in the 21st century.”
Genevieve Bonin PwC

“The Innovation Master Plan is one of those books that captures your imagination and keeps you grounded in reality at the same time. Langdon Morris describes the

drivingforces impacting our businesses and the worlds we live in everyday. He exposes how the ‘great ones’ have innovated, and provides one of the most simple and powerful models to transform your business and empower people to be more innovative; altering the innovation landscape. A powerful call to action!” Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D.
Creatrix, Inc.

“For anyone who is wrestling with the challenges ofinnovation in their organization The Innovation Master Plan is a must read. Langdon offers a comprehensive handbook that maps this uncertain territory by asking (and helping you answer) five key innovation questions; Why? What? How? Who? Where? Having taught "Needfinding" and design research methods at Stanford for the last 2 decades, it’s clear to me that this book is a significant contribution to thefield that will benefit students and experienced practitioners alike.” Michael Barry
Stanford University and Point Forward

“I love this book a lot. I can be an innovation leader, because I keep providing my own industrial and educational visions to the related parties. I can be an innovation champion, because I support all kinds of innovation activities in the industrial and academic societies.I can be an innovation genius, because I learn, think and practice all sorts of innovation methodologies. Most of all, I can be a master of innovation.” Justin Lin, Ph.D.
Chaoyung University of Technology

“Thought-provoking, enjoyable, and indeed inspirational! The key messages here are incisive and convincing. A very worthwhile achievement that deserves the widest readership.” John HolmesRathBeau Technologies Limited

the innovation master plan
the CEO’s guide to innovation

langdon morris



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About this Book

This book is intended as a companion to my previous innovation book, Permanent Innovation. During the four years since Permanent Innovation was completed, we’ve continued to refine our...
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