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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Universidad de Boyacá
Faculty of Administrative and Accounting Sciences
Administration and International Business
Epistemology of International BusinessINNOVATION THE KEY FOR A BUSINESS

The evolution of the humanity has been for large events that was developed to the change, it´s for greats smart minds that been make a visualization to a betterfuture.

The innovation a unknown word for some people, the most people ignore what is innovation or why that word is used for the large companies, may be the large executives or administrators need abig update because this word or term “INNOVATION” is the most important thing today in each industry or market in each city around the world manly in EEUU and in Japan a two greats countries about theindustry, commerce and exportations.

In “INNOVACION CONCEPTUAL DE LOS NEGOCIOS” We can read and learn more about the concept of innovation because in own environment the most people in theorganizations don´t have the capacity of think about new commerce concepts that is the principal reason that a lot of companies fail and finally death in the market.

The new models of business are morethan technology, are commerce concepts totally new, that models is like doors that can open possibilities. Today the concept of business are conformed for the New Economy and the analysis for theinnovation is a necessity, no a product or a service. Conceptual innovation is the capacity to propose new ideas about concept business, different to the concepts in the actual market. That is the key tothe market grown and makes the difference.

The objective is create a new economy, creating new strategies and makes an analysis in the marketing, the competition no is between products or companies,the competition is between business models. The new commerce models keep the old model and exploit their potential. One of the objectives of the innovation is introduce some strategies variety in...
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