Innovation for sustainable health social care

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innovations for sustainable health and social care
value-creating health and social care processes based on patient need

Sune andReaSSon & Monica Winge

Title: Innovations for sustainable health and social care - Value-creating health and social care processes based on patient need Author: Sune Andreasson & Monica Winge Series: VINNOVA Report VR2010:02 ISBN: 978-91-85959-97-6 ISSN: 1650-3104 Published: January 2010 Publisher: VINNOVA – Verket för Innovationssystem / Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation System

About VINNOVA VINNOVA, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. VINNOVA´s mission is to promote sustainable growth by funding needs-driven research and developing effective innovation systems. Through its activitiesin this field, VINNOVA aims to make a significant contribution to Sweden´s development into a leading centre of economic growth. VINNOVA’s objective for its activities in the field of Services and IT Implementation during the period is to conduct proactive programme work in order to generate broad-based R&D projects in which researchers and clients, in the form of both private and public playersand users, are involved already at the ideas stage. The aim is to set up interdisciplinary projects in new areas and to revitalise thinking about, for example, the use of IT in the service sector. VINNOVA should act as a catalyst and gather researchers and users together to address various themes. VINNOVA should also play an active role in the development and follow-up of R&D projects so that theyachieve the radical renewal desired. The VINNOVA Report series includes external publications and other reports from programmes and projects that have received funding from VINNOVA. Research and Innovation for Sustainable Growth.

VINNOVA´s publications are published at I VINNOVAs publikationsserier redovisar bland andra forskare, utredare och analytiker sina projekt. Publiceringeninnebär inte att VINNOVA tar ställning till framförda åsikter, slutsatser och resultat. Undantag är publikationsserien VINNOVA Policy som återger VINNOVAs synpunkter och ställningstaganden. VINNOVAs publikationer finns att beställa, läsa och ladda ner via Tryckta utgåvor av VINNOVA Analys, Forum och Rapport säljs via Fritzes,, tel 08-598 191 90, fax 08-598 191 91eller

Innovations for sustainable health and social care
Value-creating health and social care processes based on patient need

Sune Andreasson & Monica Winge

Through this publication, VINNOVA wants to publicise a project that was funded under the “catalyst programme” from 2005-2008. This project area is considered politically important and receives specialemphasis in the Swedish “IT Strategy for Health and Social Care”. The project described the prospects of a “value-creating health and social care process” and since its conclusion has resulted in good, interesting ideas and solutions. It also highlighted pressing areas for ongoing research. Sweden is still at the stage of not having successfully developed sustainable IT systems and e-serviceswhich can support changes in the patient’s role and good, interconnected health and social care for the patient. VINNOVA’s therefore poses the question: What are the causes?

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Is there a lack of customer competence relating to the sector and patient needs? Is there a lack of knowledge as to how IT support should be developed? Has the development of IT been too focused on technology? Isthere a lack of knowledge about IT and its opportunities? Is there a lack of capacity and incentive to renew healthcare and develop collaboration? The project has attempted to elucidate these questions, seeking relevant answers from “Health and Social Care in Sweden”. This paper is based on the final report of the Value-Creating Healthcare Process (or VVP) project. It is VINNOVA’s hope that this...
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