Insearch of our roots

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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In search of our origins
Nowadays globalization and the expansion of the frontiers are shifting the meaning of belong of a culture making us citizen of de world; therefore, we are forgetting ourroots. One of the few ties that we still conserve are the indigenous tribes, one of them is the Nukkak Maku tribe, they are an example of what we really are and where we come. Unfortunately in the lasthundred years this tribe is disappearing due to the fact that they were subjected to leave their lands threatened by the FARC, consequently we are about to lose one of the treasures of humanity.
TheColombian government is aware of this situation and yet continues as if nothing was happening, ensuring they are doing as much as possible to contrast this situation and to prevent the disappearance ofthe tribe. Actually is not enough to say that the situation is controlled by govern because the damages that the tribe is suffering goes beyond of what they can imagine. In a few years this culturewill forget what is living in the jungle, will leave aside their customs, and will being to be “modern”.
If we realize what we known as modern is not exactly an example of good behavior, the massmedia control everything we think, feel and live, making us each day worst human beings. That is exactly what this community was preventing, be influenced by this new civilization means lose theirvalues and their origins, moving away of their sacred place that is the jungle and lose all kind of link with their religion.
The indigenous tribes are the prove that there was a time when humanity had nobondages, they were not worried about wars, they were no worried about luxuries, and were not worried about appear; their only concern was be better before the eyes of the community and be able tocontribute for improving the living conditions of the tribe.
In conclusions nowadays humanity is losing the dignity to be part of a culture and to conserve the values that characterize it. The only...
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