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World History II, Ms Alejandra Duarte: IMPERIALISM AND WORLD WAR I

1. What are Raw Materials?

They are products that havenot been manufactured, only cultivated, harvested, or mined.

2. What event created the demand for raw materials?

The industrial revolution.

3. Continents that were colonized byEuropean powers:

Asia and Africa.

4. What is Imperialism?

The extension of a country’s powers over other lands.

5. What were the reasons for Imperialism?

European powers beganto acquire territories, in order to have the raw material they needed to produce their goods.

6. Explain Racism, Social Darwinism, and Moral Responsibility.

Racism: People think otherswere inferior because of their color/religion/race. Moral Responsibility: people thinks that they needed to teach the dummies in what religion they needed to believe.

7. Learn the names of some ofthe colonies by country: GB, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy. You had this same question for your first HW, and many of you didn’t answer correctly.

GB: Egypt, India, Nigeria, Kenya, SouthAfrica. France: Algeria, Morocco, Madagascar, Sierra Leone. Belgium: Congo. Germany: Namibia. Italy: Libya.

8. Explain the “cake” analogy or the “piñata” analogy regarding imperialism.

Thecake because they spitted Africa and most of Asia like a piece of cake. Piñata because they fought for colonies like if they were candies.

9. What is nationalism?

The unique cultural identityof a people based on common language, religion, and national symbols.

10. What is militarism?

Reliance on military strength.

11. What were the CAUSES of WW I?

Alliances ofcountries, tension in the Balkans, assassination of Archduke Francis, etc.

12. Which countries make up the Balkans?

13. Who are the Slavs?

Eastern origin people.

14. Who made up the...
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