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Oracle Database10g R2 (
openSUSE 10.2

Arun Singh
Novell Inc.

This white paper is designed to help you get started with Oracle Database
10g R2 on openSUSE 10.2. Oracle 10g R2 Database is supported and certified
only on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server but occasionally for development and
testing purposes you will preferto have it up and running on your desktop.

Hardware Requirements
The system must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

Minimum Value


1024 MB

Swap space

Approx. twice the size of RAM

Disk space in /tmp

400 MB

Disk space for software files

3.5 GB

Disk space for database files

1.2 GB

Required Software
You need openSUSE 10.2 andOracle Database 10g R2. Also, optional orarun
package will help you to make Oracle pre-Install task simple.

1. Novell openSUSE 10.2 (
2. Get orarun from (
3. Visit for more Novell/Oracle information.

Oracle database 10g R2 Software is available for downloadfrom OTN.
File name:
1. URL to download SW:

2. Oracle Documents are available on :

Instruction is divided into two sections, Quick Steps for experts and
Detailed Steps for beginers.Follow based on your comfort level.

Quick Steps
If you have installed Oracle database on SUSE Linux before using one of
my old documents, then here are some quick steps to follow:

Install openSUSE 10.2 with "C/C++ Development" selection.
Download and Install orarun package.
Enable and set password for newly created user oracle by orarun.
Set updated kernel parametersby executing /etc/init.d/oracle start.
Download and unzip Oracle 10gR2 Database SW.
Edit file database/install/oraparam.ini to add "SuSE-10" to line #39.
6. login as user oracle and run Oracle Universal Installer

Detailed Steps
1. Install SUSE Linux Operating System
Follow the Installation instructions provided in the openSUSE 10.2
installation manual. Here isinstallation setting from my system:

Here we will focus here on components required to meet Oracle software
Installation. openSUSE Linux 10.2 with default packages along with
“C/C++ Development” is sufficient for Oracle 10g R2 install.

Check whether C/C++ compiler is installed. “gcc --version” will show gcc
compiler version and If it is not installed, then use YaST setup tool to install“C/C++ Development”.

2. Oracle Database Install prerequisites
Refer to Oracle Database 10gR2 installation document for complete list of
prerequisites. Novell/SUSE provides orarun packages to automate most of the
Oracle pre-install task. orarun package is not included in openSUSE 10.2 as
this is for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server.

orarun :
1. Install orarun package.

2. Enable newlycreated “oracle” user for Oracle installation.
1. The account for oracle user is disabled. Enable it, by changing the
shell for the "oracle" user from "/bin/false" to "/bin/bash", either by
using YaST setup tool or by editing the "/etc/passwd" file.
2. Set a new password for user “oracle” i.e. “/usr/bin/passwd oracle”.
You can use YaST - SUSE setup tool to accomplish above tasks.
/sbin/yast2 ->“security and Users” -> ”Edit and create groups”
(Select users tab and set “System Users” filter to see oracle user.)

Change login shell from false to bash :

Set new password and uncheck Disable User Login:

3. Now set your Oracle environment variables.
1. Set Oracle home directory by editing ORACLE_HOME variable in
“/etc/profile.d/” file.
2. Default ORACLE_SID set by...
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